Friday, September 24, 2010

Change Of Plans

Well, I was crocheting that scarf but after hanging out with The ChainMaille Lady this past weekend, I realized that I wasn't as crafty as I thought I was!  Darn it!  My scarf needed to be put out of its misery, so I decided to start a new project. My very dear friend Nova is expecting her third child this February, so I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to work on a baby blanket for her new bundle!  I am on the right track and happy to report that my baby blanket is beautiful and done correctly.  I guess I need to hang out with The ChainMaille Lady more often!  :) 

Sorry for the date post on my picture above.  I had to use an old camera as I can't find our newer one so I didn't realize the date stamp was wrong until posting this. 

Anyone else have crocheting disaster stories?

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