Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beatuy Tip Guinea Pig

How many times have you heard of different beauty tips, techniques or crazy "I'll never try that" ideas?  I know I have heard my share of beauty tips, but do they work?  I, being the not-so crazy girl I am, have decided to put these beauty tips to the test. 

First one on my list.....using Elmer's style white glue in place of Biore Strips.  The idea is to place a thin layer of glue on your nose, let it dry and then peel it off.  Sounds simple enough!

I know you all wish I had pics of this lovely sticky mess slathered on my nose, but I failed to deliver such amusing proof....Sorry! What I will say is I am not really sure if it did anything at all.  As I pulled the glue away, it was stuck quite maybe, just maybe, it did do something. If I wake up tomorrow with a huge, red swollen nose, I'll let ya know!

I have never been one to use pore strips, as I am naturally this lovely (sarcasm!), but my pores might look a wee bit smaller and I ended up feeling a little pampered in the process.....even if it was using  $.25 glue I got at Target!  Yeah for simplicity!

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