Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eating from the Pantry

Our friends over at MoneySavingMom. com and LifeasMom.com came up with a wonderful idea...try and eat from your pantry/freezer stockpiles for the month of January.  This is a huge challenge for me as I usually go to the store at least twice a week.  I decided to give it a try and see how I do.  Everyone is to make their own rules to follow as each family has different needs.  My goals for this challenge are.....

#1  Take an inventory of my pantry, fridge and freezer.
#2  Make a menu plan based on what I have on hand. (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
#3  Purchase only dairy, baking and produce items from the store during the month of January.
#4  Spend $100 on groceries for the entire month. (Am I crazy??  Yes I am!)
#5  Post how much I spent at the store.

I guess it is time to start taking inventory.  Care to join me?

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