Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Okay, here it goes!!

Well, I have finally decided to do it!   I have wanted to for a very long time, but have kept making excuses as to why I can't.  Drum roll please......I have joined the world of BLOGGING!  I know that this doesn't seem like a big deal, but for me it is huge.  You see, I have been interested in reading everyone elses blogs for quite some time and never wanted to set aside the time to have one myself.  My husband, God bless him, has kept telling me, "You should do it.  You love to write so this would be perfect for you."  Uh huh, I thought.  So, will you start doing some laundry, dishes, cooking and take care of the kids so I can squeeze this in to my already jam packed day?  Didn't think so!  So, here I am. A stay at home mother to five year old twins looking to add something to my already hectic life.  (Oh yea, I am taking college courses online and teaching the kids to get them ready for school next year.) 

I am looking at this adventure as a help aid for me.  From organization to cooking, grocery shopping postings to just plain venting, this may be just what I needed all along. 

Prior to being a mom, I was organized!  I am sure I am not alone in this.  Everything had its place and I had all the time in the world to make sure it stayed that way.  Fast forward five years.....I now have no idea where my darn car keys are!  My closet looks like a huricane just passed through and all of my kitchen drawers are stuffed with papers that I NEED!  The funny thing is, I have no clue what is even in those drawers.  Blogging  is just what may help me get back on track.  Maybe if I post pictures of my lack of organization, I will be so humiliated that I it motivates me to organize so I can post "after" photos. (Or maybe it will just humiliate me)

I am hoping that this will be fun for you as well as helpful!  It may not be pretty, but together we can get organized!

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